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Nos vamos pa' París

In the middle of the puertorrican’s economic crisis, Rosita, a 80 years old women, forces her shy husband to rob a bank where she worked for 30 years with the alleged purpose of maintaining the house they both built. During the robbery they realize that the bank has been transformed into a nursing home. 
Gonzalo, the husband of Rosita, manages the perfect quarterdeck to leave the asylum without getting into bigger problems, but Rosita will not give up on his crazy idea and, soon, his true interests are revealed: to give a trip to France with the money of the assault. We went to Paris to expose, as a comedy, the sad economic situation of the island, and the sad reality of many of our old

8 minutes 39 seconds

La dieta

Carlos invites a friend to lunch to impress her. Sofia accepts with only one condition: to take her to eat at a new vegetarian restaurant that they have opened in the city and that has become her favorite. Maybe there's more on the plate than you imagine.

10 minutes 34 seconds


Aceitunas para mami

A man talks about his lifestyle while putting on makeup for his unusual work.

7 minutes 46 seconds



Princesa is a surreal tale about a princess trapped in an enchanted room. Searching for a way out she looks for answers in the fairy tale classic stories. When nothing seems to work out , she struggles to find a way out.

9 minutes 21 seconds


El albergue

Carlos finds a small kitten at the doorstep of his apartment that reminds him of his son’s cat that he threw away when his son was a kid. Now, Carlos, old and alone, would try to use the kitten as bait to recoup the relationship with his son and grandson.

9 minutes 41 seconds


Pueblo chico

A wrestling fanatic child and his single mother are seduced by a traveler fighter passing by his small town.

6 minutes 54 seconds


La llave de mi corazón

Silvia is the bridesmaid at her best friend's wedding. The morning of the event, after spending a huge effort to put on the ridiculous lady's outfit, she receives a call informing that the wedding has been canceled due to a zombie apocalypse. When you turn on the news confirms that, in effect, there is an apocalypse and that you have to evacuate the city immediately. Silvia tries to flee, but the suit does not allow her to move almost, and it is impossible to remove her. When she goes to ask her neighbor for help, she discovers that he is worse than her: he is handcuffed in his bed, dressed as a bear and his girlfriend has taken the keys.

13 minutes 4 seconds


Evita que pase

A game show inside a magical television set forces Julian to be his next contestant. Julian has to avoid future events or suffer the consequences. If he succeeds, a grand prize of Fame and Fortune awaits him.

6 minutes 53 seconds


A cada puerco le llega

A couple of independent marketers, Marcos and Ruben, attend a conference of a writer and motivational guru, Adam El Maestro, with a very special mission. 

11 minutes 41 seconds



A men who has a fairy with 1 wish to his most important desires, decided to be irresistible to every women. What happen next?

7 minutes 30 seconds


Si no está roto

Two people see each other for first time after a long web relationship. Broke the computer frame to live a life together is a momentum of a catastrophe in each one.

12 minutes 46 seconds



Lucy (transgender) and Delia (an inmigrant) work every night, one at the corner of the street and the other at the corner bar. Although they do not know each other, the tragedy of both will gather their lives towards a new friendship.

10 minutes 27 seconds

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